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Ford Focus RS Mk 3 2016-2021 Alloy WheelCentre Hub Caps Mountune Yellow Vinyl Decal - Rjl Retail Ltd

Ford Focus RS Mk 3 2016-2021 Alloy WheelCentre Hub Caps Mountune Yellow Vinyl Decal

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These are factory made alloy wheel centre caps specially made by us and designed to fit the Focus Rs Mk3

They have a Mountune vinyl logo emblem applied in gloss yellow, whcihc can be removed or changed at a later date should you wish to.

These have a very snug/tight fit to the alloy wheels and look great once fitted

This is for a set of 4 aftermarket wheel caps to replace OEM part number GM5J-1A108-BA


When changing centre caps please place partial side of wheel cap into the opening and hold with 1 hand and using the palm of your other hand apply pressure to it until it clips in - do not try fitting with your thumbs as you will find 1 side will go in then the other will come out. These are a very snug/tight fit so you would just need a little force to fit them, once they are in you will need to remove the wheel to remove them so please ensure you fit the caps in alignment to the engraved Rs logo 

Wash & Care

It is important not to use any heavy duty cleaning solutions on your wheels AT ALL with these centre caps fitted to your car!

Something similar to or as strong as Devils juice which is an acidic solution will damage these caps and cause them not only to discolour but will certainly cause deterioration over time, remember if its strong enough to break down and disintegrate brake dust then its certainly powerful enough to cause damage to the print on our caps.

We would recommend removing the caps or where this is not possible covering them when the car is washed especially if you plan to use any heavy duty cleaners on the wheels - this will ensure the caps can maintain their colour and shine


Customer Reviews

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Mountune wheel centre cap

Tottaly pleased with this and great serivce and delivery..... great looking product when fitted

Smart Centre Caps

Glad I found this site, Could not find a Cap to suit my RS wheels on an ST, And these look amazing